Arc V - Characters

Yuya Sakaki
Yuya Sakaki The main protagonist of the series, Yuya is a cheerful fun-loving youth who seeks to become the greatest Dueltainer and bring smiles to everyone with his Dueltainment after being inspired by his father, Yusho Sakaki. During his first official duel years after his father mysteriously disappeared, Yuya gained the ability to use Pendulum Summoning to summon multiple monsters at once through the mysterious power of his necklace while gradually mastering all four summoning methods. Yuya then learns about the existence of his dimensional counterparts: Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri, and the worlds they originated from. Following his meeting with his counterparts and accidentally absorbing Yuto, eventually learning to communicate and consciously "trade" places.Yuya learns of an inner darkness that causes them to enter a state of rage while briefly synchronizing their minds with Yugo and Yuri. Both the darkness and the interdimensional conflict cause Yuya to nearly lose sight of his ideals before Zuzu, his mother Yoko, and his friends help him rekindle his love to make others happy, a feat that he achieved by having warring factions within the Synchro and Xyz Dimensions ceasing their fighting amongst themselves.
Zuzu Boyle
Zuzu Boyle Yuya's childhood best friend and fellow classmate at You Show Duel School. She often carries a paper fan on her person, which she uses on Yuya or her father Skip whenever they do something foolish. She harbors romantic feelings for Yuya that is obvious to everyone except Yuya himself and acts jealous whenever Aura makes advances towards him. Following her initial lost to Julia, Zuzu asked Sora to teach her Fusion summoning so she can fight Julia on an even ground. She eventually succeeded in defeating Julia during the ARC League Championship and got Crystal Rose from her as a prize and a sign of friendship. Like Yuya, Zuzu has dimensional counterparts: Lulu Obsidian, Celina, and Rin. Zuzu and her counterparts each possess a strange bracelet that reacts whenever Yuya or any of his counterparts are proximity of each other. In her bracelet's case, it quickly teleporting one of the youths to another location. This made Zuzu a target of Leo Akaba and Duel Academy's forces as she ends up in the Synchro Dimension with Yugo. She was reunited with Yuya in the Synchro Dimension, only to be sucked into a wormhole that sent her to Domino City in the Fusion Dimension where she was looked after by Yusho and Alexis before she was captured while the Lancers were on their way to Duel Academy to rescue her counterparts. It was only then that Zuzu and her counterparts learn that they are the splintered reincarnations of Leo's daughter Ray Akaba, their bracelets originally being the four En Cards which their original self used to split Zarc at the cost of their world and herself. She and her counterparts were then forcefully merged through Arc-V's power into an incorporeal Ray with Zuzu's bracelet restored to the En Flowers card which channels the other En Cards' power. During the battle against Zarc, Zuzu's soul briefly emerged from Ray to reach Yuya and give him the courage to resist Zarc's control so he can be defeated. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, with Ray ending up back in the Arc-V Reactor after being expelled from the youth's body, Zuzu wasn't able to return to the Pendulum Dimension with no one remembering her save Declan until his reenactment of Arc League Championship restored everyone's memories of her. During Yuya's last duel against Declan, Ray sensed Yuya's dueling and revived with Zuzu as the dominant aspect of their being as well as her counterparts residing inside her body, allowing her to reunited with Yuya and the others. Zuzu uses a Melodious deck. Her initial ace monster is Mozarta the Melodious Maestra until she learned Fusion Summoning from Sora Perse with Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir as her new ace monster.
Yuto A young boy from the Xyz Dimension who resembles Yuya in appearance. He has the power to cause real damage in duels. Along with Shay, Yuto is on the search for Lulu who is currently captured by Leo Akaba. Yuto went to Standard Dimension after hearing Shay went there to look for Declan and followed him there. Following his arrival, he mistook Zuzu as Lulu and came to her aid when she was about to duel Sylvio, taking over the duel and defeat Sylvio. Since then, he observed Zuzu until he saw her training to learn Fusion summon, convincing him that she is not Lulu. Yuto and Yuya are both alike, they both care for their friends and do not want to hurt anyone. At the same time Yuto and Yuya are different, while Yuto is serious and cold, Yuya is positive and energetic. Unlike Shay he is not reckless and impatient, though if his anger gets the better of him, he becomes aggressive. After his defeat at Yugo's hand, he entrusted his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to Yuya and got absorbed into him, initially taking over Yuya's body whenever the need presents itself with the two sensing each other. But since their arrival in the Xyz Dimension, Yuto and Yuya are able to freely communicate with each other and even swap bodies. Yuto's presence inside Yuya was kept a secret from everyone until during the duel between Shay and Kite, Yuto talked while accidentally possessing Yuya's body. Yuto ended up succumbing to Zarc's power in Yuya's Duel against Yuri and Yuya completes their original self's resurrection immediately afterwards. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, having aided Yuya in resisting Zarc, Yuto was presumed to have died until Shay sensed his presence within Yuya's body following the former's loss. During Yuya's duel with Jack, Yuto finally reveals himself to Yuya as he and their counterparts give Yuya their support. Yuto uses a Phantom Knights deck and his ace monster is Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
Lulu Obsidian
Lulu Obsidian Shay's little sister and Yuto's friend, who is the Xyz Dimension counterpart of Zuzu Boyle. Kidnapped by Yuri when Duel Academy attacked their world, Lulu was kept in the Western Tower where she is placed under the Doctor's control by the time Kite rescues her in Shay's place. Though Lulu is released from Buggenstein's control during her duel against Shay, When she was looking for Kite, she ran into Yuya and she is once again being taken control to duel Yuya and Yuto together with Celina since she can only be freed by defeating the Doctor. After she is freed from the mind control, she and her counterparts are then sacrificed by Leo alongside to reconstitute their original self Ray while Lulu's bracelet is restored to the En Birds spell card which negates Xyz monster effects. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, with Ray ending up back in Arc-V after being expelled from the youth's body, Lulu was not able to return to the Xyz Dimension. During Yuya's duel against Declan, Lulu and her counterparts reacted to Yuya's dueling from within the reactor and Ray revived them in Zuzu's body to reunite with their friends. Lulu uses a Lyrilusc deck that focuses on Xyz Summoning and her ace monster is Lyrilusc - Assembly Nightingale. When her mind was controlled, she also added a Fusion Parasite to perform Fusion Summoning.
Yugo A Turbo Duelist who is Yuya's Synchro Dimension counterpart. He is somewhat dimwitted and will often get angry at people when he assumes they're saying his name incorrectly. He is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage in the slums of New Domino City. His childhood friend, Rin, was kidnapped by Yuri, leading him to traveling dimensions in hope of finding her. He met Yuto at Heartland City and mistook him as Yuri and Yuto mistook him as an ally of Duel Academy, leading to their battle but they were interrupted by the Resistance's arrival. Since then, he had looked for Yuto and eventually found him at Standard Dimension shortly after Sora was transported back to the Fusion Dimension. He then reappeared at Battle Royal, meeting Zuzu who was chased by Yuri and accidentally got transported back to the Synchro Dimension with her. After hearing the whole story from Zuzu, he was determined to help her prevent Duel Academy's invasion. Next Yugo reunited with Zuzu in Domino City in the Fusion Dimension and happy to see her alive, then he was taken to You Show Duel School in the Fusion Dimension by Zuzu and Alexis. But when Yugo infiltrates Duel Academy to find Rin, he ends up facing Yuri. It's revealed that he and his counterparts are the reincarnations of the demon duelist Zarc, leading Yugo to be absorbed by Yuri following his defeat after learning their connections. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, having aided Yuya in resisting Zarc, Yugo was presumed to have died until during Yuya's duel with Jack, Yugo finally reveals himself to Yuya as he and their counterparts give Yuya their support. Yugo uses a Speedroid deck and his ace monster is Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.
Rin She is Yugo's childhood friend and Zuzu Boyle's Synchro Dimensional counterpart, being the first to be kidnapped by Yuri when he first came to the Synchro Dimension which lead to Yugo traveling across the Four Dimensions to find and save Rin from Duel Academy. She is locked in Duel Academy's Eastern Tower, but was then freed by Yugo who came to save her. However, during her time being held captive, Rin ends up under the Doctor's control via his Fusion Parasites and defeated Yugo before she is eventually released from the scientist's control after Leo Akaba sealed him into a card. Rin is then sacrificed by Leo Akaba alongside Zuzu, Lulu, and Celina to reconstitute their original self Ray while Rin's bracelet is restored to the En Winds spell card which negates Synchro monster effects. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, with Ray ending up back in Arc-V after being expelled from the youth's body, Rin was not able to return to the Synchro Dimension. During Yuya's duel against Declan, Rin and her counterparts reacted to Yuya's dueling from within the reactor and Ray revived them in Zuzu's body to reunite with their friends. Rin uses Windwitch deck that focuses on Synchro Summoning and her ace monster is Windwitch - Winter Bell. When her mind was controlled, she also added Fusion Parasite to perform Fusion Summoning.
Yuri Another person that strongly resembles Yuto, Yugo, and Yuya. He is the one responsible for kidnapping Lulu and Rin, and is ordered by Leo Akaba to capture Zuzu. He appeared during the Battle Royal, turning Halil and Olga into cards before confronting Zuzu. Unlike his counterparts, he is sadistic and cruel, seeing his given mission as a game and enjoys turning people into cards. He is very devoted to Leo and would obey his order without question, going as far as to get rid of anyone including his own allies that he thinks is getting in his way. However, after he continuously sealing people into cards, he no longer cares about Leo's order and simply cards people for his own amusement, eventually having a goal to turn every people in all dimensions into cards until he is the only person left. When Yuri learned that he, Yuya, Yuto, and Yugo are the reincarnations of Zarc, Yuri made it his goal to absorb his other selves, absorbing Yugo after he defeated him. Though Yuya defeated him after forcing him into a duel with Yusho's card on the line, Yuri ultimately got his wish to become one with his counterparts fulfilled when Zarc possesses Yuya and absorbed him. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, having aided Yuya in resisting Zarc, Yuri was presumed to have died until during Yuya's duel with Jack, Yuri finally reveals himself to Yuya as he and their counterparts give Yuya their support. Yuri uses a Predaplant deck and Honor Student Deck which specializes in Ancient Gear monsters, and his ace monster is Starving Venom Fusion Dragon.
Celina A female duelist from the Fusion Dimension that resembles Zuzu Boyle. She is an old acquaintance of Declan as met during his visit to the Fusion Dimension 3 years ago during her initial escape attempt. She came to Standard Dimension to find Shay in hope she can prove her worth to Leo Akaba, who had locked her up for years in Duel Academy. She turned Dipper into a card after she defeated him. Initially believing that Duel Academy's goal is justice, she immediately turned against them once knowing the suffering they have inflicted on others from Zuzu and Shay, leading her to join the Lancers. During Duel Academy's invasion in the Synchro Dimension, Celina ends being captured by Duel Academy and briefly placed under the Doctor's control until Leo seals the doctor into a card. Celina is then sacrificed by Leo alongside Zuzu, Lulu, and Rin to reconstitute their original self Ray while Celina's bracelet is restored to the En Moon spell card which negates Fusion monster effects. Due to Riley's actions when the dimensions once more separated, with Ray ending up back in Arc-V after being expelled from the youth's body, Celina was not able to return to the Fusion Dimension. During Yuya's duel against Declan, Celina and her counterparts reacted to Yuya's duelling from within the reactor and Ray revived them in Zuzu's body to reunite with their friends. Celina uses a Lunalight deck focused on Fusion Summoning, later receiving Pendulum monsters from Declan, and her ace monster is Lunalight Cat Dancer.
Gong Strong
Gong Strong Yuya's childhood friend who works at his family dojo, but often comes to help him at You Show Duel School. During childhood, He was the one who always defending Yuya from bullying. He is a Steadfast style Duelist, refusing to get an Action Card and won't budge from his place even if he receive attacks. After being badly injured in his Duel with the Battle Beast, he was helped by Sylvio and Jack Atlas. Gong uses a Superheavy Samurai deck composed solely of monsters and later learns Synchro Summoning from Kit, and even later adds Pendulum Summoning to his deck, becoming the first person to Pendulum-Synchro Summon. His initial ace monster is Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei, but upon learning to Synchro Summon from Kit Blade with Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo as his new ace monster.
Tate Yamashiro
Tate Yamashiro A young boy who joins the You Show Duel School after seeing one of Yuya's duels. He is quite knowledgeable about duels.
Frederick A tubby young student of You Show Duel School, who often talks about "getting the shivers". He uses a Doodle deck.
Allie Ayukawa
Allie Ayukawa A young girl at You Show Duel School. She uses an Aquaactress deck.
Declan Akaba
Declan Akaba The head of Leo Corporation, who takes an interest in Yuya's potential. He is famous as a genius Duelist who earned his pro license at age of 15. He seeks to oppose his father, Leo, forming a special team that consists of strong Duelists called Lancers to fight Duel Academy. Declan has a very serious and stoic demeanor, is very calm and collected in most situations, and only talks when it's necessary. Declan's seemingly apathy of the people who turned into cards and his decision to make Riley a Lancer made Yuya initially thought him as being heartless and only viewing them as disposable pawns, but it's later revealed that Declan actually cares for the well-beings of his friends and others, and would go great lengths to save them. Following Zarc's defeat, taking care of the infant Riley became from absorbing the evil duelist's soul, Declan is the only member of the Standard Dimension based Lancers to retain his memories while orchestrating the Junior ARC League Championship together with Yusho to restore Yuya's memories in hopes that Yuya can save his sister from her self-imposed fate. When Yuya's duels across the dimensions failed to achieve the ideal response from Riley, Declan decides to duel Yuya as the latter's final test to become Professional Duelist, which resulted in his defeat. Declan uses a D/D deck, capable of Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning, and later develops his own Pendulum Monsters after studying Yuya's actions.
Riley Akaba
Riley Akaba Declan's adopted younger sister and daughter of Leo and Henrietta Akaba. For most of the series, she is mistaken and referred as a boy due to her masculine clothing until the final Duel against Zarc. She is a student of Leo Institute of Dueling who is very shy and seems reluctant to Duel unless her older brother watches the match. Riley originated from a war-torn country, the ordeal of mistrust and constantly living in fear causing the girl to emotionally shut down as a defense mechanism. However, her interaction with Yuya and his friends slowly make her regain her sense of self and her meeting with Jack made Riley gain her resolve to fight to protect her comrades. Her experience as a war victim granted Riley an ability to sense and read other people's hearts, allowing her to hear the rage of Four Heavenly Dragons and a partially reconstituted Ray as consequence. In duel against Zarc, Riley allows Ray to possess her body so she can defeat Zarc. But the moment Ray defeated Zarc, Riley forced the spirit out of her body and used the En Cards' power to extract Zarc's disembodied essence from Yuya to prevent him from making another return. Since the En Cards turns all power into pure existence, Riley is reborn as an infant girl yet her quick absorption of Zarc's essence kept her from being splintered with the dimensions. However, Riley is rendered catatonic while the evil soul begins to gradually take over the child's body. Declan sees Yuya as the only person who can save Riley from being consumed by Zarc by getting the infant to smile. Riley finally able to smile once Zarc's soul inside her is pacified by Yuya's last duel against Declan, freeing her from the evil soul. Like Declan, Riley's C/C deck uses multiple summoning methods.
Henrietta Akaba
Henrietta Akaba Declan and Riley's mother and chairwoman of the Leo Corporation. She bears strong grudge against her husband, Leo Akaba, for abandoning her and the company. Her obsession for revenge resulting her to adopted Riley and conduct experiment on the girl to make her an ideal Duel soldier to fight against Duel Academy. After the dimensional war ended, she came to regret for what she had done and takes care of Riley who was reverted into infant to atone for what she had done.
Sylvio Sawatari
Sylvio Sawatari A narcissistic second-year student at the Leo Institute, whose father is running for Paradise City mayor, his father is a loudmouth. He first met Yuya by pretending to be his admirer and later stole his Pendulum cards, which Yuya retrieved back after he defeated him. He was injured after being defeated by Yuto. He later also entered ARC League Championship, but lost to Yuya again in the first round. When the Obelisk Force invaded the championship, Declan gave him special permission to once again participate in the Lancers selection by assisting Moon Shadow, Celina, and Shay, and officially becoming a Lancer after working together to defeat the Obelisk Force. He uses various decks, often changing them based on what he believes is the strongest, before settling on an Abyss Actor deck.
Dipper O'rion
Dipper O'rion The top student in LID's Xyz course. A boy that dresses almost like a joker, Dipper uses a Constellar deck, with his aces being Constellar Pleiades and Constellar Ptolemy M7. He is turned into a card by Celina during the ARC League Championship because she mistook him as a native of the Xyz Dimension. After Zarc was defeated, he was freed from being trapped inside a card.
Kit Blade
Kit Blade The top student in LID's Synchro course. A boy who carries a wooden sword around and is one of Gong's mentors. Kit uses an X-Saber deck, with his ace being XX-Saber Gottoms.
Julia Krystal
Julia Krystal The top student in LID's Fusion course. She is determined to take down the duelist that hurt her Fusion Course Teacher Marco. She is initially a rival of Zuzu's, and eventually sees her as an equal when Zuzu defeats her during the ARC League Championship, giving her the Crystal Rose card as a sign of respect. Julia uses a Gem-Knight deck, with her aces being Gem-Knight Master Diamond and Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond.
Claude He works for the Leo Institute of Dueling including for Declan and Henrietta Akaba and informing them about the new duel summoning called Pendulum Summoning.
Reed Pepper
Reed Pepper A young chef who specializes in "Cooking Duels" and uses a Cookpal deck, whose strategy is to wait for his opponent to summon a monster(s), only to destroy it by returning the Royal a Cookpal monsters he controls to his hand. He was turned into card during the Battle Royal in his attempt to assist Shay, Moon Shadow, and Celina. He was free from being trapped inside a card after Zarc was defeated.
Pierre L'Supérieure
Pierre L'Supérieure A snarky young duelist who is an expert at quiz shows. In Japanese, his name is a pun on "Q & A". He uses a Quiz Deck, whose main strategy is to force his opponents into answering questions and using effects to ensure they answer incorrectly, thus putting them at a disadvantage.
Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow A ninja duelist from the Fūma Clan Duel School who becomes a member of the Lancers after his brother, Sun Shadow, was turned into a card by Sora. He dutifully serves Declan and will obey all of his orders without question. In the Synchro Dimension, Moon Shadow purposely lose in his Turbo Duel against Shinji and acted as an informant, gathering information about Roget and then secretly reporting it to Declan. He initially swore to avenge his brother, but then forgives Sora after the latter proved his sincerity by saving him from Obelisk Force. During the battle royal after infiltrating Duel Academy, he was carded by the Battle Beast. He was revived after being trapped in a card. Moon Shadow uses an Ninjutsu Art deck.
Iggy Arlo
Iggy Arlo An ace student of the Bandit Warrior Academy. He fought Yuya in a duel and initially had the upper hand but lost to him when the latter achieved his awaken state for the first time. The humiliation that he experienced caused him to hold a grudge against Yuya. Iggy returned for a rematch against Yuya in the Fusion Dimension, having accepted an offer from Dennis to come along. He is defeated once more, but finally understands the worth of Dueltaining that Yuya believes in, putting his grudge behind him. He uses a Star deck and uses a violent dueling style that causes him to physically attack his opponents to prevent them from getting Action Cards.

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