Sevens - Characters

Yuga Ohdo Yuga is an intelligent, passionate, enthusiastic and inventive though rebellious young boy. However, his rebellious actions are justified as he is determined to invent new ways of dueling to make life better for people like him. Despite being extremely intelligent, Yuga is not always lucky in successfully inventing his own creations.

Yuga dislikes the Master Duels that most adults do; due to being too serious and having many rules. Instead, he uses his own Duel style, Rush Duels, to entertain himself and the audience. He is also a bit of a daydreamer. Yuga has a fondness of the number seven as Goha Corporation's emblem is a hexagon, Yuga considers the number seven to be what can break through Goha's excessive control.

Yuga is a selfless person, when Luke told Yuga to take the title of "King of Duels", Yuga immediately allowed Luke to take it himself as Yuga knew that it was Luke's dream, even though the supposed door was just a projection unknown to both of them. Yuga shows no interest in being the best Duelist and just wants dueling to be more fun for everyone, he did not mind losing against Luke even when everyone expected him to win; due to being the creator of Rush Duels. Yuga tends to panic nervously when in a tough or unexpected situation during a Rush Duel.

Bakuro Shinjitsu Bakuro generally remains in the shadows in comparison to his more exhuberant fellow Newspaper Club members, but when pushed is no less dramatic than them. He claims to report the truth, but in reality his version of the truth is heavily influenced by his own experiences; he publishes a piece criticizing Rush Dueling after studying the rules, yet apparently not Dueling himself, and later re-evaluates the truth after Rush Dueling Luke. He initially believes Rush Dueling to be childish and simple, and as such is convinced of his own superiority when he Duels using the rules. When threatened with the notion of the Newspaper Club being shut down, Bakuro has a meltdown, screaming "Ceasing publication!" in shock. He claims to have difficulty remembering things.
Tatsuhisa Kamijo Luke is extremely self-confident, given his proclamation of himself as the strongest Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. He has a comedic trait of causing machines to break down around him; he claims that this is due to his soul being possessed by the devil. Luke has a habit of gravitating towards whatever he thinks is cool. To this end, he often tries to project a cool and aloof persona, but he gets flustered easily whenever this persona is challenged or he faces something unexpected that disrupts his behaving this way. His older sister Tiger in particular terrifies him to the point of hiding behind people in her presence.

As a part of this cool persona, Luke tends to act dramatic, with long and complicated Summoning chants and attack names, and often assumes that matters are more complicated than they are: attributing his ability to disable technology to a demon and believing that Yuga let him win their Rush Duel to teach him what he wanted to accomplish with them, while later believing Arata Arai kidnapped him to make him a Dueling Superhuman rather than doing so by mistake when he was simply after revenge[7][5] As a result he is particularly scared by Ushiro Omaeno's ghost stories during their Duel.[8] Despite his suspicions of Romin Kirishima, when Yuga invites her over to his Road Laboratory, he quickly congratulates Yuga and is mortified when he is the only one to not bring her a gift before the RoaRomin concert she invites them to later.

Katsu Kobayakawa
Asana Mutsuba Asana is a slim, tanned girl with mauve eyes and grey neck-length hair. She wears an equestrian outfit consists of white gloves, white polo-shirts tied by a yellow cravat, a black vest, toppled by a knee-length red coat with double buttons, and a black inner layer, a brown belted, white pants and black boots with heels.

Asana wants to crush Rush Dueling but at the same time she is unfailingly polite to Yuga despite knowing who he is. She is interested dueling him but at the same time she does not like his indifference to her school's traditions. Because she is a Goha 6th Elementary student she is very traditionalist, she opposes all modifications and in the past she actively tried to impose that. She loves riding and operating her digger, the R6, she is very attached to it, talking and treating it as if it were a horse. However, she does not like the Goha Corporation Drones, because Goha Corporation's Duel Disks outcompeting her family's Duel machines.

Kan Hakubutsu He is a sixth-grade student at Goha 2nd Elementary, and is the president of the Dueling & Dinosaur Research Club. The president of Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling & Dinosaur Research Club, who pursues the relationship between dinosaurs and duels. Show off romance tactics that image the evolution of life and a duel that summons powerful dinosaur monsters.
Hiiro Ishibashi
Yusuke Kobayashi
Roa Kirishima > Roa is a slim young boy with blue eyes and light green spiky hair with three prongs over his eyes in a "T" shape. He wears red t-shirt with light purple crossed swords application on the chest, two light purple wristbands and black pants with purple ribbons wrapped around the shins. He also wears black shoes.

In contrast of his career as a band leader, Roa has two sides: one where he appears as an altruistic optimistic and confident young man who cares for his fans as he like to grin while dueling, when in actuality he is a very arrogant opportunistic and conceited person. He declares he will be the new owner of Rush Dueling, calling it 'RoaRush Duel'. He appears to have no issues with using shady methods to win or gain advantage in duels, and appears at first to use conniving tactics but when he genuinely tries he is shown to be a very skilled and formidable duelist. He also is quite the manipulative trickster to his cousin Romin as he is willing to get information on the Rush Duels by acting like he is a friend to Yuga and co. His conniving and tactical personality is shown due to him setting a trap to set his match up with Yuga about "Sevens Road Magician's" legal qualities to automatically disqualify him.

Riku Endo
Rikuya Yasuda
Kaizo Kaizo is a green, spherical Goha Corporation drone with a blue screen that serves as both a display and Kaizo's face. Following its modifications by Yuga Ohdo, it has a red top that resembles a bottle cap with a gold tube at the side, and blue cylindrical appendages with white rims; the left one with some yellow plating.

Upon being modified by Yuga, Kaizo has shown to possess free will and individuality among other drones. It is a fan of Romin and her music, even to the point of putting down its modifier. After several modifications, it is shown to hit on other girls, including the photographer of the newspaper club.

Taku Yashiro
Mimi Atachi Mimi dresses in the identity-concealing garb that all Goha employees wear; a helmet emblazoned with the Goha Corporation logo that completely covers her face save her mouth, a white mini-dress lined with black and emblazoned over her heart with the Goha Corporation logo over light grey clothing, white gloves with black cuffs, and a darker grey cape.

Mimi wears stereotypical girls' clothing when she enters Goha 7th Elementary as a transfer student; a pale pink dress reaching to mid-thigh with a flared skirt, white lace at the neck and cuffs, buttons down the front, and a red bow tied at the back of her waist, in addition to white knee-length socks tied at the cuffs with pink ribbon, and red buckled Mary Jane shoes with thick heels. When Mimi is conducting missions in secret, she wears dark clothing over her dress, including a concealing bandanna tied under her nose.

Outside of work and school, Mimi wears more normal clothes. When she visits a bar she wears a red dress and black heels, wearing a sign around her neck that states "I am an adult". At home, she wears a pink sweater and tan pants, and a white apron and scarf tied over her hair when cooking. In Yoshio's badly drawn recap, he depicts her with devil horns.

Mimi is dedicated to the ideals of the Goha Corporation, and any ideas against their control she immediately dismisses. She is hard-working as a result of the dismissal she is often subjected to due to her youthful appearance and eager to rise higher in the Goha Corporation. Mimi also demonstrates little patience for Yoshio's interest in Rush Duels initially and threatens to stop making his favorite napolitan spaghetti if he brings up the topic again. She was reportedly horrified when Yoshio began dressing and acting like Good Max, believing that Rush Dueling had turned him into a delinquent. Mimi is so dedicated to these ideals that she assumes Yuga Ohdo must be a villain before she meets him and his genuine passion and innocence catch her off-guard to the point that she initially refuses Yuga's offer to lend her his notebook despite it being her objective, as she assumed he was tricking her. When she does acquire the notebook, Mimi accepts Yuga's offer was genuine, but worries that she acquired it in a cowardly manner.

When undercover at school, Mimi projects a more cutesy manner to act more like a child. She claims to be interested in Rush Dueling, and disguises her true intentions behind this claimed interest. Despite this, she is a genuine fan of RoaRomin, waving in appreciation at Roa Kirishima and taking the opportunity to take a selfie with him when she confronts him over his claim of Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" card being illegal.

Despite her youthful appearance and mannerisms at times and her position in the high-tech Goha Corporation, Mimi herself is very old-fashioned; she still fondly reminisces the time of the Bubble Era as reflected in her Deck and she carries an old corded phone as part of her disguised school bag rather than a more modern smartphone, though it does contain some modern functions. She also gives gifts to Yuga and his friends that use older technology. Mimi also has a habit of monologuing either internally or externally without care for her surroundings.

Shumpei Oba
Tomori Kusunoki
Romin Kirishima Romin usual outfit consists of a black top with yellow buttons, a short red skirt adorned with two brown belts to hold the Deck cases at her waist, a pair of long grey stockings and red/black high-heels. Almost all time, she hoists her guitar thats adorned with logo of her school band "RoaRomin over her shoulder. She has a sky-blue eyes and purple hair with a slim body.

Romin doesn't like Duels much but she tends to cross paths with Yuga and his friends. She also has a mysterious aura around her persona and seems to know more things than she lets on. She gets reasonably along with Yuga and his friends, and despite not being too interested in Duels she is fairly observant, a fast learner and impressively tactical for a newbie.

Whenever she gets hungry, Romin becomes very aggressive in her playstyle and her eyes have been shown to turn red during these circumstances. It is later revealed that she doesn't always need to be hungry to become intense.

Aside from playing her guitar in the band, Romin has good class marks and is proficient in sports too.

Natsuki Hanae
Gakuto Sogetsu Gakuto is a disciplined, serious individual, who has not been late to school a single day. He passes this virtue to his Sogetsu Dueling style, and believes the current Master Duels are fine as they are.

He becomes very irritated and agitated when people do not follow rules, especially Yuga Odo. Gakuto is significantly more reluctant to disobey Goha's ways than Rook or Yuga, he tends to panic whenever his friends to something that would break the rules and is quick to "beg" Goha for forgiveness when he thinks he's in trouble.

Gakuto finds himself conflicted between his desire to follow the rules and enforce them as the student council president, and the enjoyment he finds from hanging out with his new friends which often involves breaking the rules. He is largely unable to decline requests out of his fellow students, at times taking in too many tasks at once even largely mundane ones such as teaching math or filling a sport team vacancy, well outside the norm for student presidents (and unknowingly also breaking the rules at times due to being too focused in his current duties).

He is also honorable and stepped down from presidency after losing a duel, although he was easily reinstated afterwards showing he has very high charisma and significant approval. He does at times show a penchant for bad puns and is severely tone-deaf.

Haruka Kamijo Haruka is the president of Goha sevens Concert Band Club. When Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gakuto, Sebastian and Kaizo went to meet her, she came behind Luke asking him why is he there. She kicked Luke and yelled at him saying to him to call her Tiger, not big sister. Yuga and co. explained to her that they mistook the competition and they entered in Trumpet Duet Tournament. They begged her to help them to teach them how to play trumpet. Haruka agrees, but she insisted to beat with her first, throwing them material arts weapons. But, Yuga insisted them to duel which Tiger agreed. They started their duel. After her loss, she agrees to help them practice the trumpet, tormenting them until they learn how to play the trumpet.

Haruka uses a Wind Music Deck composed of WIND Warrior monsters based on martial arts equipment and wind instruments. Her Deck is described as efficient, and is capable of quickly assembling a field of high-Level monsters through precise manipulation of her own cards and ATK scores. As a weakness, her strategy holds little in terms of defensive cards.

Arata Arai Arata is a skinny boy with black hair and dark eyes with small pupils. He dresses in an abundance of hygienic and protective clothing; a clean white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and white pants, blue protective boots with white brushes strapped to the soles, blue finger-less rubber gloves over white ones, a black apron strapped around him with a blue belt with a white buckle, a white shower cap with a brim, and a black mask over his mouth and nose with the Japanese character for wash written on it. He also carries a number of cleaning supplies; three yellow wirebrushes tucked into his belt, a dishcloth tucked into the other side of his belt, and a red squirt gun connected to a water tank he carries on his back.
Hanto Goto Hanto Goto is a student at Goha 2nd Elementary, and he is a member of the Dueling & Dinosaur Research Club under Kan Hakubutsu.
Menzaburo Oomori Menzaburo is a tan-skinned, yellow-eyed boy with navy hair in swept-back spikes. He dresses in a combination of ninja-style clothing and thick country-style clothes; a black jumper over a thick light yellow shirt, red overalls with a light yellow lining turned up at the ankles, white and maroon shoes, maroon arm wrappings, and a red mask over his eyes. Menzaburo also carries a ladle and over-sized chopsticks.
Yoshio Atachi When he tries to become like Good Max, Yoshio wears a cosplay suit of his favorite hero that also modulates his voice. The suit makes him appear as a tall, darker-skinned muscular man, wearing a black jacket with maroon shoulders tipped with golden spikes over a blue undershirt and black superhero-style shorts, maroon arm-guards with golden spikes on the backs of the hands and knee-high boots with golden knee spikes, a maroon belt with a golden buckle and holes, and a charcoal-colored helmet with silver horns, a yellow pattern on the top resembling an explosion, and a face mask with half-moon shaped red eyes and a mouth section designed to look like a jagged maw in two different shades of grey. The helmet is split in two after his Duel with Luke, though he later repairs it.

Yoshio is timid and excitable by nature, and prone to making hasty and ill-informed decisions on the fly; he misinterpreted Luke's advice to look after his mother due to Luke's coincidental use of his favorite hero's catchphrase and decided Luke should convince his mother to let him Rush Duel after his mother threatened not to make his favorite meal. He is shown to be passionate about Rush Dueling, enjoying his Rush Duel with Luke despite losing. After he takes Luke's advice, Yoshio realizes that he was trying to mimic others and that he should tell his mother his true feelings. He cares deeply for his mother and his favorite food. According to his mother, Yoshio is similar to Yuga.

Kaseki Hotta Kaseki is a tan-skinned bespectacled boy of average height with brown hair that spikes out to the sides in a somewhat similar manner to Jim Crocodile Cook and green eyes. He wears clothing designed for the outdoors; a tan shirt with the sleeves rolled up, thick green pants tucked into brown boots, white gloves for careful handling of fossils, a tan wide-brimmed had with a red band around the base, a brown satchel, and a green bandanna around his neck with a dinosaur face print.

Kaseki is a friendly individual, and despite not being the president of the Dueling & Dinosaur Research Club he is the most forward of the group and seems to make many of their decisions. He is tremendously disappointed after finding that Gossie was not real.