Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens - The Story

In the not-so-distant future, Goha City is governed by its largest corporation, "Goha Corp", everything from schooling, to Dueling rules, to much of daily life. The Megacorp, Goha Corp, runs the metropolis called "Goha City". Goha Corp doesn't just control Dueling, they also have a major say in the daily necessities of its city’s citizens, such as food, clothing and even shelter. Yuga Ohdo, who attends Goha Seventh Elementary, decides to change this world which is too cramped for kids, and battles with his rule "Rush Duel" while believing in his creations.

Yuga Ohdo, who attends Goha 7th Elementary, is a 5th grader who spends his time following his own "road", inventing inventions he calls "Roads". Yuga, fed up with the stifling rules Adults have placed on Duels, creates new rules that let you go all-out in a Duel from the very start. However, Yuga finds he's unable to install the data needed for these new rules into his Duel Disk. Yuga's tried to install them plenty of times, but he keeps running out of time and gets penalized.

But then one day, Luke, the self proclaimed "#1 Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary", stops Yuga while he's on the way to his lab, and tells him about the rumor of a "King of Duels". What awaited the curious boys when they arrived at a major monument was a mysterious person!

"Try, if you dare... And see if you are worthy of being a King of Duels..."

If he could just install his new rules, Yuga could be recognized as a King... ...but if he installs them, he'll have to beat his opponent within a limited amount of time!

"In that case, I'll Rush Duel, the Road I invented!"

Yuga and Luke, these two young boys are about to begin their story as they try to change a stuffy, suffocating world with a brand new way of Dueling!!