TCG - Magician's Force

Dark Magician Girl
People Running About
Oppressed People
United Resistance
X-Head Cannon
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
Dark Blade
Pitch-Dark Dragon
Decayed Commander
Zombie Tiger
Giant Orc
Second Goblin
Vampiric Orchis
Des Dendle
Burning Beast
Freezing Beast
Union Rider
D.D. Crazy Beast
Spell Canceller
Neko Mane King
Helping Robo for Combat
Dimension Jar
Great Phantom Thief
Roulette Barrel
Paladin of White Dragon
White Dragon Ritual
Frontline Base
Combination Attack
Kaiser Colosseum
Autonomous Action Unit
Poison of the Old Man
Dark Core
Raregold Armor
Metalsilver Armor
Kishido Spirit
Tribute Doll
Wave-Motion Cannon
Huge Revolution
Thunder of Ruler
Spell Shield Type-8
Pineapple Blast
Secret Barrel
Physical Double
Rivalry of Warlords
Formation Union
Adhesion Hole
XY-Dragon Cannon
XYZ-Dragon Cannon
XZ-Tank Cannon
YZ-Tank Dragon
Great Angus
Sonic Duck
Luster Dragon
Amazoness Paladin
Amazoness Fighter
Amazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Blowpiper
Amazoness Tiger
Skilled White Magician
Skilled Dark Magician
Apprentice Magician
Old Vindictive Magician
Chaos Command Magician
Magical Marionette
Pixie Knight
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Magical Plant Mandragola
Magical Scientist
Royal Magical Library
Armor Exe
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Des Koala
Dark Scorpion - Cliff the Remover
Magical Merchant
Cat's Ear Tribe
Ultimate Obedient Fiend
Dark Cat with White Tail
Amazoness Spellcaster
Continuous Destruction Punch
Big Bang Shot
Gather Your Mind
Mass Driver
Senri Eye
Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
Jar Robber
My Body as a Shield
Spellbook Organization
Mega Ton Magical Cannon
Pitch-Black Power Stone
Amazoness Archers
Dramatic Rescue
Exhausting Spell
Hidden Spellbook
Miracle Restoring
Remove Brainwashing
The Spell Absorbing Life
Dark Paladin
Double Spell
Diffusion Wave-Motion