TCG - Ancient Sanctuary

The End of Anubis
Gogiga Gagagigo
Warrior of Zera
Sealmaster Meisei
Mystical Shine Ball
Metal Armored Bug
The Agent of Judgment - Saturn
The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury
The Agent of Creation - Venus
The Agent of Force - Mars
The Unhappy Girl
Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
The Kick Man
Vampire Lady
Stone Statue of the Aztecs
Rocket Jumper
Avatar of The Pot
Legendary Jujitsu Master
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress
KA-2 Des Scissors
Needle Burrower
Sonic Jammer
Blowback Dragon
Zaborg the Thunder Monarch
Atomic Firefly
Mermaid Knight
Piranha Army
Two Thousand Needles
Disc Fighter
Arcane Archer of the Forest
Lady Ninja Yae
Goblin King
Solar Flare Dragon White Magician Pikeru
Archlord Zerato
Opti-Camouflage Armor
Mystik Wok
Enemy Controller
Burst Stream of Destruction
Monster Gate
Weapon Change
The Sanctuary in the Sky
Talisman of Trap Sealing
Goblin Thief
Micro Ray
Light of Judgment
Talisman of Spell Sealing
Wall of Revealing Light
Solar Ray
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
Beckoning Light
Draining Shield
Armor Break
Gigobyte WATER
Mokey Mokey
Kozaky DARK
Fiend Scorpion
Pharaoh's Servant DARK
Pharaonic Protector EARTH
Spirit of the Pharaoh LIGHT
Theban Nightmare
Aswan Apparition
Protector of the Sanctuary
Nubian Guard
Legacy Hunter
Sand Gambler
3-Hump Lacooda
Ghost Knight of Jackal
Absorbing Kid from the Sky
Elephant Statue of Blessing
Elephant Statue of Disaster
Spirit Caller
Emissary of the Afterlife
Grave Protector DARK
Double Coston DARK
Regenerating Mummy
Night Assailant
Man-Thro' Tro'
King of the Swamp
Emissary of the Oasis
Special Hurricane
Order to Charge
Sword of the Soul-Eater
Dust Barrier
Soul Reversal
Spell Economics
Blessings of the Nile
Level Limit - Area B
Enchanting Fitting Room
The Law of the Normal
Dark Magic Attack
Delta Attacker
Thousand Energy
Triangle Power
The Third Sarcophagus
The Second Sarcophagus
The First Sarcophagus
Dora of Fate
Judgment of the Desert
Human-Wave Tactics
Curse of Anubis
Desert Sunlight
Des Counterblow
Labyrinth of Nightmare
Soul Resurrection
Order to Smash
Mazera DeVille