TCG - Retro Pack 2008

Fusion Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Monster Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Fusion Flame Swordsman
Monster Dark Magician
Monster Gaia The Fierce Knight
Spell Raigeki
Spell Fissure
Trap Trap Hole
Spell Polymerization
Monster Curse of Dragon
Monster Giant Soldier of Stone
Monster Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Spell Swords of Revealing Light
Effect/Monster Armed Ninja
Effect/Monster Man-Eater Bug
Effect/Monster Hane-Hane
Spell Monster Reborn
Monster Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Monster Left Leg of the Forbidden One
Monster Right Arm of the Forbidden One
Monster Left Arm of the Forbidden One
Effect/Monster Exodia the Forbidden One
Fusion Gaia the Dragon Champion
Effect/Monster Gate Guardian
Monster Summoned Skull
Monster Harpie Lady
Effect/Monster Harpie Lady Sisters
Effect/Monster Mask of Darkness
Fusion Black Skull Dragon
Spell Elegant Egotist
Effect/Monster Sanga of the Thunder
Effect/Monster Kazejin
Effect/Monster Suijin
Effect/Monster Magician of Faith
Monster Baby Dragon
Effect/Monster Time Wizard
Effect/Monster Sangan
Effect/Monster Kuriboh
Effect/Monster Catapult Turtle
Effect/Monster Jirai Gumo
Effect/Monster Thunder Dragon
Effect/Monster Cannon Soldier
Fusion Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
Monster Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
Effect/Monster Barrel Dragon
Trap Solemn Judgment
Trap Magic Jammer
Trap Seven Tools of the Bandit
Spell Heavy Storm
Fusion Thousand Dragon
Effect/Monster Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Spell Axe of Despair
Spell Black Pendant
Effect/Monster Maha Vailo
Ritual Relinquished
Spell Gravekeeper's Servant
Spell Upstart Goblin
Spell Mystical Space Typhoon
Spell Giant Trunade
Spell Painful Choice
Spell Black Illusion Ritual
Spell Megamorph
Effect/Monster Manga Ryu-Ran
Effect/Monster Toon Mermaid
Effect/Monster Toon Summoned Skull
Monster Hyozanryu
Spell Toon World
Effect/Monster Giant Rat
Effect/Monster Senju of the Thousand Hands
Effect/Monster UFO Turtle
Effect/Monster Giant Germ
Effect/Monster Nimble Momonga
Effect/Monster Shining Angel
Effect/Monster Mother Grizzly
Effect/Monster Flying Kamakiri #1
Effect/Monster Sonic Bird
Effect/Monster Mystic Tomato
Spell Gaia Power
Spell Umiiruka
Spell Molten Destruction
Spell Rising Air Current
Spell Luminous Spark
Spell Messenger of Peace
Effect/Monster Wall of Illusion
Spell Card Destruction
Monster La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Effect/Monster Lord of D.
Spell The Flute of Summoning Dragon
Spell Graceful Charity
Effect/Monster Penguin Soldier
Spell Scapegoat
Effect/Monster Blast Sphere
Effect/Monster Copycat
Trap Relieve Monster
Trap Cloning
Effect/Monster Kaibaman
Effect/Monster Cyber Harpie Lady
Effect/Monster Amazoness Chain Master
Trap Embodiment of Apophis
Trap Exchange of the Spirit
Effect/Monster Ancient Lamp