TCG - Retro Pack 2

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Parasite Paracide
Lightforce Sword
Chain Destruction
Dust Tornado
Call of the Haunted
Mirror Wall
Magical Hats
Nobleman of Crossout
Premature Burial
Buster Blader
Skull Invitation
Limiter Removal
Insect Imitation
Magic Drain
Gravity Bind
The Legendary Fisherman
Thousand-Eyes Idol
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Mad Sword Beast
Goblin Attack Force
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Gemini Elf
The Masked Beast
Revival Jam
Melchid the Four-Face Beast
Curse of the Masked Beast
Mask of Restrict
Lightning Blade
Tornado Wall
Torrential Tribute
Infinite Cards
Jam Defender
Card of Safe Return
United We Stand
Mage Power
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Bazoo the Soul-Eater
Dark Necrofear
Dark Spirit of the Silent
Destiny Board
Spirit Message "I"
Spirit Message "N"
Spirit Message "A"
Spirit Message "L"
Magic Cylinder
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Freed the Matchless General
Emergency Provisions
Tyrant Dragon
Spear Dragon
Airknight Parshath
Yamata Dragon
Asura Priest
A Legendary Ocean
Creature Swap
Bottomless Trap Hole
Injection Fairy Lily
Ring of Destruction
Guardian Sphinx
Don Zaloog
Book of Taiyou
Book of Moon
Reckless Greed
Dark Jeroid
Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Chief
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Dark Room of Nightmare
Barrel Behind the Door
Nightmare Wheel
Lava Golem
Morphing Jar
Royal Decree
Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight
Obnoxious Celtic Guard
Kaiser Sea Horse
Insect Queen
Alpha The Magnet Warrior
Beta The Magnet Warrior
Gamma The Magnet Warrior
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
Harpie's Pet Dragon
Archfiend of Gilfer
Light and Darkness Dragon
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Dragon Master Knight
Victory Dragon
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
Dreadscythe Harvester