TCG - Return Of The Duelist

Noble Knight Gawayn
Trance the Magic Swordsman
Damage Mage
ZW - Phoenix Bow
Photon Caesar
Heroic Challenger - Spartan
Heroic Challenger - War Hammer
Heroic Challenger - Swordshield
Heroic Challenger - Double Lance
Chronomaly Mayan Machine
Chronomaly Colossal Head
Chronomaly Golden Jet
Chronomaly Crystal Bones
Chronomaly Crystal Skull
Chronomaly Moai
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Amores of Prophecy
Temperance of Prophecy
Strength of Prophecy
Charioteer of Prophecy
High Priestess of Prophecy
Madolche Mewfeuille
Madolche Baaple
Madolche Chouxvalier
Madolche Magileine
Madolche Butlerusk
Madolche Puddingcess
Geargiano Mk-II
Uniflora, Mystical Beast of the Forest
Little Trooper
Silver Sentinel
Dust Knight
Block Golem
Atlantean Attack Squad
Illusory Snatcher
Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
Three Thousand Needles
Goblin Marauding Squad
Heroic Champion - Excalibur
Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut
Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech
Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer
Hierophant of Prophecy
Gear Gigant X
Alchemic Magician
Soul of Silvermountain
Fairy King Albverdich
Sword Breaker
Overlay Regen
Heroic Chance
Chronomaly Technology
Chronomaly Pyramid Eye Tablet
Galaxy Queen's Light
Spellbook of Secrets
Spellbook of Power
Spellbook of Life
Spellbook of Wisdom
Madolche Chateau
Where Arf Thou?
Generation Force
Catapult Zone
Cold Feet
Impenetrable Attack
Heroic Retribution Sword
Stonehenge Methods
Madolche Lesson
Madolche Waltz
Madolche Tea Break
Xyz Soul
Compulsory Escape Device
Void Trap Hole
Three of a Kind
Soul Drain
Lucky Punch
Prophecy Destroyer
Lightray Madoor
Blue Dragon Ninja
Revival Golem
Noble Arms - Gallatin
Spellbook Library of the Crescent
Advance Zone
Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Sealing
Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest
Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis
Miracle Contact
Advanced Dark
Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon
Spirit Converter