TCG - Starter Deck Yugi

Mystical Elf
Feral Imp
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
Summoned Skull
Beaver Warrior
Dark Magician
Gaia The Fierce Knight
Curse of Dragon
Celtic Guardian
Mammoth Graveyard
Great White
Silver Fang
Giant Soldier of Stone
Dragon Zombie
Doma The Angel of Silence
Witty Phantom
Claw Reacher
Mystic Clown
Sword of Dark Destruction
Book of Secret Arts
Dark Hole
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Ancient Elf
Magical Ghost
Trap Hole
Two-Pronged Attack
Monster Reborn
Change of Heart
The Stern Mystic
Wall of Illusion
Neo the Magic Swordsman
Baron of the Fiend Sword
Man-Eating Treasure Chest
Sorcerer of the Doomed
Last Will
Soul Exchange
Card Destruction
Trap Master
Dragon Capture Jar
Man-Eater Bug
Reverse Trap
Remove Trap
Castle Walls
Ultimate Offering