Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains - Characters

Yusaku Fujiki
Yusaku was a kind and cheerful child who loved and enjoyed dueling. However, his innocence was shattered after being kidnapped and subjected to months of intense torture during the Hanoi Project ten years ago. The incident caused Yusaku to develop severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and he continued to suffer nightmares from the torture he went through, even after receiving years of therapy. As a result, Yusaku holds hatred against the Knights of Hanoi and swears vengeance against them for ruining his life and others who were victimized by the incident. As Playmaker, Yusaku's demeanor is relatively the same with a degree of nobility, such as rescuing Blue Angel from "Cracking Dragon". He also has a strong sense of justice, helping those hurt by the Hanoi and refusing to harm or sacrifice others to achieve his goal. Specter noted this to be a strength, but also his biggest weakness. He doesn't allow others get close to him and join his fight against Hanoi out of concern for their safety. Yusaku also has a habit of listing out three reasons for his observations, something he learned from Varis during the Hanoi Project. He does this to organize his thoughts better and clear his mind when confused or feeling discouraged.
Like all Ignis, Aqua has the ability to control and generate Data Material. She can also create Cyberse cards, with her specialty being the WATER attribute. According to Ai, Aqua has the power to separate the truths from the lies. She has a premonitory ability in sensing that the Ignis will be divided on their belief in humans and is very perceptive about all things good and evil. She is also one of the smartest Ignis, second only to the leader, Lightning. Aqua is shown to have healing abilities when she heals Earth's burnt hands after saving her from her imprisonment.
Dark Ai
Dark Ai Dark Ai is shown to be far more sophisticated than other AIs, being fully capable of thinking and acting on his own free will and showing emotion; because of that, Ai is considered to be an actual living being. According to Kolter, Ai is built out of highly complicated algorithms that even Yusaku couldn't fully decode. The Ignis can use the algorithm to send secret messages to other Ignis if on a public forum. Ai's memories are stored in the form of video logs. However, Ai's level of free will is limited by the fact that he is still a computer program, as such, he can't comprehend why humans do actions that would seem illogical and contradicting with each other. Despite this, Ai is capable of feeling instinct, an unusual trait for even AI with free will which makes Lightning claim that he is a special AI.
Kiku Kamishirakawa
Kiku Kamishirakawa Kiku lives in a town in the country, where she spent time with Theodore. One day, she found him sleeping at the lighthouse. After waking him up, she warned him that he was going to be expelled if he kept skipping classes. Theodore admitted he didn't care, but Kiku reminded him that his grandfather would be worried. On the way home, the two found Ridley, his brother, and their gang bulling another student. Theodore gave them a warning glare and they left, which he did as well. Kiku apologized for Theodore's rudeness to the boy, saying he was actually very friendly. She noticed Theodore acting strange and he asked her if she heard a voice. She replied she didn't, then laughed saying it was too bright out for ghosts to appear.
McKendrick Kellenbocker
McKendrick Kellenbocker During the spread of The Deleted, Cal Kolter and Yusaku Fujiki postulated that McKendrick would be the next victim, having uncovered the Duel Disk he wears and known about his hacking and dueling skills. Yusaku quickly went to McKendrick's home and witnessed his "deletion" from just outside. Yusaku intruded McKendrick's room and saw that McKendrick was unconscious, forcibly logged into LINK VRAINS. Witnessing from the computer screen in McKendrick's room, Yusaku saw McKendrick in his avatar being cornered by a Knight of Hanoi that was asking for Playmaker. That Knight of Hanoi sprayed a virus that rendered McKendrick unconscious inside LINK VRAINS as well, and he fell off the cliff behind him, but was saved by The Gore. Yusaku quickly rushed McKendrick to hospital, where he was visited by George Gore and his manager. [1] Gore's manager continued to look over McKendrick's ward while Gore dueled the Knight of Hanoi responsible, Dr. Genome. After Genome was defeated, he handed over an antidote and McKendrick was cured.
Eagle The Eagle appears before Frog and Pigeon when he says that is his spot for a viewpoint provoking he would eat both of them. Eagle was blown away by Ghost Girl disguised as Blue Angel.
Ai Earth
Ai Earth He is very serious and honest, and, as he referred to himself multiple times, socially awkward. The only time he is remotely close to blushing or space out is when talking to or thinking about Aqua. He is a very logical and straightforward in the way he thinks, as seen when he identified the pun in Ai's name and when he asked Playmaker why he's with Ai when the later might be holding him back. He is also very skeptical about human intentions, deeming them responsible for Cyberse World's destruction and when he single-mindedly dueled Playmaker solely to determine whether humans and Ignis can coexist, adamant about his stance. Earth currently was the only Ignis who is indecisive about his stance on humans as after his duel with Playmaker, he still contemplates whether to coexist or be at odds with them. It is also implied that Earth was neutral in his stance during his discussions among the Ignis, as Flame and Aqua advocated for coexistence. Although Windy believed Earth would not have joined him and Lightning to conquer humanity.
Ai Lightning
Ai Lightning According to Ai, Lightning is calm, cool, and collected and is a natural leader. However, Ai concedes he cannot understand what he is thinking. He's shown to be cold, calculating, manipulative, and deceptive, having reprogrammed Windy to help him overthrow humanity, believing the Ignis to be far superior to humans. He is also not above turning on his own comrades as he lured Ai into his trap and was willing to reprogram him to serve his own needs. He also has a twisted sense of Dr. Kogami's purpose in creating the Ignis, as rather than guide humanity, he and Windy want the Ignis to reign supreme while humans are put under their control. Lightning also shows little to no remorse for his fellow Ignis. He was willing to overwrite Ai's programming, attempted to capture Flame with no explanation, imprisoned Aqua, and let the Knight of Hanoi attack Windy, only saving the latter after Ai called out to him. After Windy's loss to Soulburner, Lightning showed little concern regarding Windy's termination and didn't respond to Windy's plea to save him, showing complete apathy towards his own kind.
Ai Flame
Ai Flame Unlike Ai who is quick to panic or pull jokes, Flame is normally a level-headed Ignis who speaks with an even voice and is very straightforward. He is very calculative, keeping track of how many times he's told his introduction to Theodore (37 times exactly). However, when overconfident, he tends to burst into flames, usually with a flame on the wisp of his head. Flame also has the tendency to flaunt his partner in front of opponents and over-exaggerate their words, seen as he says to Bit and Boot that Soulburner (Theodore) will give them a crushing defeat. He can be a bit egotistical (always explaining the kanji used in his name and calling it cool) and appears to be a risk taker because of his Skill.
Frog Frog logged into LINK VRAINS to search for Playmaker in order to get a scoop. He rendezvoused with Pigeon on a rooftop, when the latter called him by his real name, much to his annoyance. He then noted the large number of reporters present to cover Playmaker, instead of the duelists that usually gathered in the area. When "Playmaker" appeared, Frog wanted to begin the scoop, but Pigeon noted the presence of other Playmaker avatars nearby, and concluded that all of them had to be impersonators, much to Frog's dismay.
Pigeon Pigeon and Frog logged into LINK VRAINS to search for Playmaker in order to get a scoop. After meeting on a roof top, he noted the large amount of reporters besides themselves, and that so many of them were causing traffic problems. Frog suggested Pigeon to turn off his chat to fix the problem. When "Playmaker" appeared Frog wanted to begin the scoop, but Pigeon noticed there were other Playmakers nearby so he figured all of them had to be impersonators. While looking for the real Playmaker, a supposed Knight of Hanoi arrived, which Pigeon filmed. Pigeon and Frog later filmed Blue Angel issuing a public Duel challenge to Playmaker. Before leaving to fulfill other commitments, Frog told Blue Angel to notify them if Playmaker accepted her challenge.[3] Frog and Pigeon later attempted to scoop on a potential rematch when Blue Angel reappeared not long after her defeat, but were then surprised to hear Playmaker remark that Blue Angel was not real.
Aso Aso is a ruthless individual who seeks to acquire and destroy the Ignis, even willing to hold hostages or infect duelists with the Deleted virus to do so. He is fiercely loyal to Varis and will carry out Dr. Kogami's ambitions to the very end. Despite holding hostages, Aso shows a degree of sympathy and mercy as seen when he and Clarissa expressed remorse watching the victims suffer during the Hanoi Project and when he released Naoki Shima after he lost. He is also a very methodical and diligent person evidenced by the way he duels and during his discussion with the other Knights following the Tower of Hanoi.
Pandor Pandor is a humaniod AI with red eyes, and green streaks that resemble bangs. She wears a black, white and blue suit with gold trims and a red diamond at the collar. She has black gloves and boots with gold trims. Pandora does not have a Duel Disk. Instead, a red ring that appears on the newer models when drawing a card forms around her wrist when she does so.
Clarissa Turner
Clarissa Turner 10 years before the present, Clarissa was one of Dr. Kogami's assistants who helped him plan and execute the Hanoi Project. Together with Kogami, Aso, and Dr. Genome, she helped create the Ignis – six AIs with free will based on the Lost Incident victims and the Duel Monsters attributes. When SOL Technologies infected Dr. Kogami with a computer virus to cover up the Hanoi Project, she helped recreate his consciousness inside the network, faithfully serving as a Knight of Hanoi ever since.
George Gore
George Gore George is shown to have a big ego and pride for being a popular Celebrity Duelist and was angered when Playmaker was, unwittingly, stealing his spotlight. He seems to have a soft spot for children, as he often volunteers and donates to them at the orphanage where he grew up. He repeatedly makes it clear that he does not Duel for money, as he donates most of it and lives in a rather small warehouse. According to his manager, George prioritizes the audience's entertainment over winning Duels immediately. George's insecurities at being compared to Playmaker degraded from a healthy rivalry to a unhealthy obsession. Now concerned with prestige and rank, as Playmaker's popularity increased and the media became more and more obsessed with him, George starts resenting him, thinking he is Playmaker's "stepping stone" and willing to join the hunt against Playmaker even though the latter saved his life from the Hanoi. As a result, he casts aside his Celebrity Duelist career and becomes a bounty hunter for SOL Technologies, believing that he cannot move forward until he defeats Playmaker. Furthermore, all of George's duel losses seemed to have soured him as he rejected Soulburner when he offered him a hand, stating that everyone experiences defeat and that it reveals who one really is, making him a bit of a "sore loser" as Flame noted.
Theodore Hamilton
Theodore Hamilton As Soulburner in LINK VRAINS, he removes his spectacles and his eyes turn gold. His hair becomes slightly longer and his central bangs reverse direction and become more angular. The upper layer of his hair becomes turquoise, while the bottom layer and his eyebrows both become blue and more prominent. His bangs become red; the framing bangs are shot through with orange, while the central bang turns orange. Soulburner wears a grey jumpsuit patterned with orange flames licking the limbs, red rib sections, and a yellow arrowhead shape running down his chest with a triangular aquamarine gem in the center. He has red shoulder-pads, greaves, and a gauntlet on his left hand and an elbow-guard on his right arm, which is bare to the wrist. Soulburner wears gloves with a similar basic design; the one on his right hand is a fingerless red glove with orange knuckles and a square-shaped section missing from the back of the hand, and the one on his left is black, with red knuckles and a red patch on the back of his hand. He also wears red boots with grey, orange-lined tongues and orange soles. Soulburner wears an unusual scarf around his neck that appears to "flicker"; small sections either hover separately as if they were attached or are constantly emitted. The scarf is able to appear and disappear accordingly, similar to a D-Board.
Hosoda He is the President of Den City High School's Duel Club. Hosoda welcomed Yusaku Fujiki to the Duel Club on his first day there. He reprimanded Naoki Shima for peeking at and talking down the Deck Yusaku brought with him. During the peak of The Deleted, Hosoda disbanded the Duel Club after admitting that none of their members were ready to face the Knights of Hanoi.
Shay Obsidian
Shay Obsidian Deep inside his heart, Shay is a kind person with good intentions, but the horrors he has suffered due to Duel Academy have scarred and hardened his views deeply. Though he Dueled for fun before in a pro Duelist training school, in the present, Shay is a battle-hardened Duelist who shows nothing but fierce determination and serious perseverance in his Duels. In the dub, he tends to be more sarcastic. In a similar manner to Seto Kaiba, Reginald Kastle, Kite Tenjo, and Declan Akaba, he also carries an affection for his younger sister Lulu Obsidian whom he vows to rescue, and also highly regards his comrades. Unlike Yuto, Shay acts out more recklessly and impatient and is willing to crush anyone who he deems as his enemies, even warning Yuto not to stand in his way when focused on his goal. He demonstrates a powerful hatred of Fusion Summoning, and previously of LID, as Fusion Summoning has been used by his enemies and he believed LID to be associated with them. Despite his callous disposition, he can be pragmatic, agreeing to cooperate with Declan in furthering his machinations in exchange for information. Shay's time at the pro Duelist school educated him with an "iron will and steeled strength", concepts that he evaluates other Duelists on, and he also developed a serious outlook between Duelists exchanging their cards!
Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami
Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami Like Varis, Dr. Kogami believes the Ignis to be a threat. However, since he did create the Ignis, he has slight regret about destroying them. Dr. Kogami is both calm and collective, and rarely shows any emotion apart from a brief smug smile when Akira Zaizen got caught in his trap. Similar to Yusaku, he greatly desires revenge on the ones who wronged him (i.e., SOL Technologies). He is also very apathetic, showing little concern for the six victims suffering during the Hanoi Project or for the thousands of lives that would have been lost from the Tower of Hanoi. Despite being the creator of the Hanoi Project, he is surprisingly sympathetic and somewhat human. He regrets not being there for his son Varis while growing up and is trying to destroy the Ignis because he thinks it is what is needed to be done for the greater good, selflessly sacrificing himself for his son. Varis understood his motivations which kept him going to finish what he started. Given that Lightning did turn on humanity as he predicted, Kogami ultimately did hold humanity's best interests at heart, despite taking extreme measures.
Jin Kolter
Jin Kolter According to Yusaku, after being rescued from Hanoi Project, Jin developed intense PTSD and even now he is still suffering from PTSD. Since the events of the Lost Incident, he has become withdrawn, reserved and closed of his heart from the world. Jin seems to have a hard time talking even to his older brother. Unlike Kolter, Jin appears to be a very stoic and a distant person and is often seen with a dull emotionless expression. As a child based on the picture of him and prior to getting kidnapped for Hanoi Project, he appeared to be cheerful and outgoing. Since his brother uncovered the truth about Jin's abduction and revealed it to him, Jin has begun showing signs of recovering, talking more with his brother and doctors. As of Season 3, Kolter reveals that Jin lost his memories of the Lost Incident due to Lightning converting a portion of Jin's consciousness into extra LP. With no longer being burdened by the emotionally crippling events, reverting Jin back to his original, jovial self.
Akira Zaizen
Akira Zaizen Akira is a man who values work above all other things. Despite this, he appears to genuinely care for Skye, and seems to be rather protective of her as he advises her to quit Speed Dueling out of concern for her safety, and when he is asked whether Blue Angel will duel Playmaker, he says no so as to protect her. Akira is generally calm and cool headed most of the time but he can also be stubbornly aggressive especially when Skye is in danger. This is seen when he lost his cool when he was unable to stop the Duel between her and Playmaker, and when she fell into a coma after the duel he ruthlessly tortured Playmaker whom he believed was responsible for her condition. He is not above admitting his mistakes however and felt remorse for what he did to Playmaker after learning the truth.
Skye Zaizen
Skye Zaizen Skye is described as being very nice, polite, timid, and reserved on first sight. As a child, based on a picture of her, she is a shy girl, holding onto her mother. However, as a Celebrity Duelist, Skye becomes very active in LINK VRAINS. As Blue Angel, her personality is very bubbly, energetic and she is a smiling idol with a cheerful demeanor. She is very obedient to her older step-brother, Akira, but also wants to prove herself and is willing to show him that she can handle something on her own. She seems very distrustful of others, as she thinks most people only approach her for her connections to SOL Technologies. Despite this she is shown to be very grateful for people who have helped and saved her and she is also eager to help them in return.