Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal - Characters

Yuma Tsukumo The main protagonist of the series, a 13-year-old cheerful and energetic boy who is an underachiever in both school and duels, but always takes on any challenge and never gives up, an ethic he dubs "Feeling the Flow" or "Kattobingu da ore". Yuma is the current duel champion of Heartland City. Yuma's dream is to become the strongest duelist in the universe, but his dueling skills aren't that skillful. He wears a special key named the emperor key given to him by his traveling parents, which manages to unlock a door to another dimension, where he encounters Astral. He uses a Deck given to him by his father, largely consisting of monsters that have notable play on words. Many of his monster cards are Light and Earth attribute, especially his Xyz monsters. By combining his soul with Astral's, Yuma can obtain the power of Zexal.
Astral The "Original Number", Astral is a mysterious spirit from another plane of existence who has to carry out an important mission, but unfortunately, Yuma is the only one who hears and sees him.[3] A calculating person, Astral makes a list of his observations of Yuma and other human behaviors while offering his dueling wisdom to the boy in order to obtain the 99 "Numbers" Cards which are actually fragments of his memories which got scattered when he entered Yuma's dimension. It is thanks to his tuition that Yuma gradually becomes more skilled and experienced as a duelist while maintaining his positive outlook on life. Yuma and Astral's partnership is shown to be one of equals, though; from Yuma, Astral learns to be more positive and in touch with his emotions. He normally resides in a special world within Yuma's Emperor Key, featuring a strange ship whose parts become unlocked as Astral collects more "Numbers" cards. However, Astral is horrified to learn that his purpose is to destroy the world. Eventually, this is revealed to be a deception by Number 96 which turns out to be a corrupted memory known as a Forbidden Number. His true purpose as mentioned by Eliphas and later confirmed by Astral himself, is to destroy Barian World.
Reginald Kastle Yuma's rival and a good friend and one of the main characters who was originally a championship duelist before he was disqualified for peeking at his opponents cards, eventually becoming a delinquent and taking the nickname "Shark". Now close friends with Yuma, Shark fights the Barian threat alongside him and Kite. During his duel against Yuma, he is briefly possessed by the Number card, "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon", but Astral takes it from him after Yuma defeats him. Like his namesake, he uses a deck filled with fish-type monsters, many being based on water and darkness, his key card being "Black Ray Lancer". This Xyz monster is normally unable to destroy Numbers, but Shark seems to have put some workarounds into his deck, such as the Spell card "Armor Xyz", which equips an Xyz monster with a second one, giving the first its attack points and Number status if the equipped monster is a Number. Shark eventually obtains "Number 32: Shark Drake" to use as his new ace card. He later gains the ability to evolve "Shark Drake", much like how Yuma can evolve "Utopia", but, rather than through the feeling of love, Shark acquired it through feelings of hate. After this, Shark can summon "Chaos Number 32: Shark Drake Veiss" at will. He then later obtains a new ace "Number 73: Abyss Splash". He is later revealed to be Nash, the leader of the Seven Barian Emperors.
Tori Meadows Yuma's classmate and childhood friend. She will usually use her D-Gazer to watch augmented reality duels. She is shown to never leave Yuma's side, no matter what the circumstances, and seems to harbor a crush on Yuma. In the final episode of Zexal II, she confessed to him that she loves him, then adding in his smile as well, which caused Yuma to greatly blush as she grasped his hand (in the dub it is still made blatant by her stating that she is Gagaga for him). She is also intelligent, and good with computers. She has developed a rivalry with Cathy for Yuma's affections. Tori does not duel often; throughout the entire series only one duel involving her was shown in full. She uses a Fairy Deck and her ace monster is Fairy Cheer Girl.
Kite Tenjo Kite is the son of Dr. Faker, a "Numbers" Hunter, and one of the main characters who was collecting "Numbers" for his father in order to help his formerly sick brother, Hart. He is a major antagonist throughout most of the first series and is Yuma's main rival, however he becomes Yuma's ally and friend during Zexal II. Assisted by a robot named Orbital-7, he has the ability to stop time for everyone except those that possess "Numbers". When Kite defeats a "Numbers" Holder, he uses an ability called Photon Hand to remove the "Numbers" card from the person, taking their soul alongside with it, thereby rapidly aging the body of the person affected. Formerly, Kite possessed 15 "Numbers", but they are now in the possession of Yuma. He wields a "Photon" deck, focused on extraterrestrial monsters and magic, and many of his monsters are associated with light and wind as a consequence. His key card is "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", an anti-Xyz support monster. Kite later upgrades his monster with Hart's power, granting him the Xyz Monster "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". He later obtains the Number monster "Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon".
Rio Kastle Rio is the younger twin sister of Reginald (Shark). As a part of Vetrix's plan to use Reginald as their assassin against Dr. Faker, he sent his son Quattro to duel her. It was there that Quattro played a card given to him by Vetrix which unknowingly caused the field to go on fire. Quattro was able to take Rio to safety, but she was severely injured. Quattro later lied and told Reginald that he intentionally hurt his sister to keep with the plan, even though he hated the idea that Vetrix was using him to commit atrocious actions. She eventually regains consciousness after Reginald saves her from one of Barian's mind slaves and enrolls into Yuma's school. Rio is initially shown to be a polite girl with charming looks and great athleticism that earn her attention from her classmates (especially Bronk, who develops a crush on her). However, as her brother knows, she is actually quite irritable and stern. Despite all of this, she is afraid of cats. She is later revealed to be Marin, of the Seven Barian Emperors.
Kari Tsukumo Yuma's older sister, who works from home as a reporter and is always on the lookout for a scoop. She is generally against Yuma dueling as she is often worried about his safety. She is strict but cares for Yuma.
Haru Tsukumo Yuma and Kari's grandmother, who has been looking after them with their parents on business trips. She is often kind but will occasionally get strict over certain matters.
Kazuma Tsukumo Kazuma Tsukumo Yuma and Kari's father, who is the original owner of Yuma's deck. During a dangerous expedition, he encountered a being from the Astral World and was given the Golden Key, which he later gave to Yuma to give him courage. According to Quinton, he is currently in Astral World somewhere, having been betrayed by Dr. Faker.
Mira Tsukumo Yuma and Kari's mother, who often goes on travels with Kazuma.
Bronk Stone Yuma's close friend and a very skilled duelist, but was defeated by Shark in the first episode. He is known to have defeated Yuma about 20 times already, and speculates if Astral really exists. He claims that he beat Yuma with what he calls, "pure skill". Despite his harsh behavior toward Yuma, it is obvious he regards him as a friend. He often rides around on a skateboard. He develops a crush on Shark's sister, Rio. He plays a Gearspring deck; his ace card is "Tin Archduke".
Flip Turner A wily and mischievous kid who often notes that everything in the whole world has a flipside. His English name is a reference to Flip Effect monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. Having been bullied and considered unintelligent when he was younger, Flip had learned to play dirty in order to win duels. However, after Yuma beats him in a duel, he learns to be more friendly. In the manga, one of his quotes "Everyone has an agenda" is used repetitively. According to Yuma, he considers an agenda a fancy word for a day planner. His deck mainly consists of monsters that use Flip Effects, and he has a habit of ending his sentences with "ura", meaning "reversed". Flip has a crafty personality similar to the character Weevil Underwood from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Flip has a very big tendency to scheme and to prank others. In the World Duel Carnival, he uses a zombie type deck that doesn't consist of Xyz Monsters.
Cathy Katherine Known as Cat for short, Cathy is a shy girl who has a crush on Yuma but doesn't stand out too well in class. As a result she sometimes sneaked into Yuma's room to do various things while he was asleep. She is slightly more confident as a duelist, using a Cat themed deck. She allegedly has the ability to communicate with cats.
Anna Kaboom A former classmate of Yuma and Tori who moved out of Yuma's school. She supposedly had a crush on Yuma, but later realized that the boy she actually liked was a boy with a similar name. She carries around a large rocket launcher that can also be used as a hoverjet, which she tends to have trouble controlling properly. Usually she will unexpectedly crash into projectiles. She later appears in the World Duel Carnival finals though is knocked out during the knockout phase while protecting Yuma. She uses a "Railroad" deck which focuses on summoning high-level monsters such as "Rocket Arrow Express" and dealing effect damage. Her ace card is "Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max".
Hart Tenjo He is Kite's younger brother and Dr. Faker's youngest son who can create paths to other realities. He has been using this ability to send trash collected from Heartland City to attack Astral's homeworld. When he is captured by Vetrix, the majority of his powers were stolen by him, but sensing that his brother was in danger, Hart gave Kite the remainder of his power, giving him the ability to summon Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. After his father and Barian are defeated, Hart is healed, losing all his powers and returning to the way he was before Kite started hunting "Numbers".
Doctor Faker The father of Kite and Hart Tenjo and the main antagonist for the first half of the series, he is a seemingly evil man who desires the destruction of the Astral World via the forceful collection of all 100 "Number" cards. His evil persona is later revealed as nothing more than a farce, due in part to the revelation of a deal with a being called "Barian" regarding the well-being of Hart. As such, he took extreme interest in Hart's power, and is therefore overprotective of him. Faker was responsible for the mutation of Vetrix and the disappearance of Kazuma Tsukumo. In the manga, Dr. Faker died of an incurable illness and Mr. Heartland had been keeping this a secret to manipulate things in his favor.
Mister Heartland Mr. Heartland is the person in charge of relaying Dr. Faker's orders to Kite Tenjo and is the current Mayor of Heartland and a minor antagonist. During the World Duel Carnival finals, Heartland took on the role of MC and would keep the duels away from the eyes of the public in order to have the duelist fight to their fullest potential. Later when Dr. Faker traps Yuma Tsukumo and Astral in the Sphere field, Heartland tries to prevent Tori Meadows, Kite Tenjo and Reginald "Shark" Kastle from saving them. However, they turn off the power in the room causing Heartland to fall into the Astral World initially thought to kill him. However he survived, having ended up in the Barian World, Mr. Heartland is revived by Vector in the form of a fly and later restored to his human form as the leader of the Fearsome Four. In the manga, he is a heartless con man, who used Dr. Faker's plan of destroying Astal World to recruit Number hunters for his own selfish reasons.
Dextra Mr. Heartland's right-hand woman who is a moderator for the WDC alongside Nistro. She is also a "Number" Hunter who uses a Photon Butterspy deck, spearheaded by "Photon Papilloperative" and, to a lesser extent, "Photon Alexandra Queen". She harbors feelings for Kite.
Nistro Mr. Heartland's right-hand man who is a WDC moderator alongside Dextra. While initially utilizing a "Bounzer" Deck given to him by Mr. Heartland, he switches to his personal "Heroic Challenger" Deck when he decides to enter the WDC to defeat Yuma. His ace monster was "Heroic Champion - Excalibur", before giving it to Yuma after their duel in the WDC finals.
Vetrix Born Byron Arclight, Vetrix is the father of Trey, Quattro, and Quinton and the secondary antagonist of the 2nd and 3rd arcs of the series. He worked alongside Kazuma Tsukumo and Dr. Faker in researching the location of the door to parallel worlds. Reduced to the form of a child after a betrayal from Dr. Faker, he sought revenge by entering the WDC. He was the object of Kite's rage because of the damage he inflicted on Hart. Vetrix duels using a "Heraldry" deck, a deck focusing on control and manipulation. Vetrix was the one who ordered Quattro's attack on Rio Kastle. Vetrix also has the ability to steal people's memories and corrupt people's hearts, as shown when he took away Dextra's memories of Kite and used his crest to amplify Shark's feelings of hate. Following his loss to Yuma, Vetrix has reformed and left Heartland City to be with his sons. He wasn't seen in ZEXAL II, though mentioned but his sons reappeared in the series to aid Yuma and his friends fight the Barians mentioned until the final season where he is seen speeding toward Yuma and Nash's duel with Kazuma and revealed to him that he had found a way to stabilze the worlds by creating a sphere. He later worked with Dr. Faker, Kite Tenjo, Hart, and Orbital 7 help reopen the doors to the parallel worlds.
Quattro Born Thomas Arclight, he is a young man with yellow and red hair and Vetrix's middle child. He is a man of many faces. He acts polite to strangers, tortures and treats his duelist opponents with scorn, but loves his family and feels regret for the people he hurts because of his actions. Quattro wishes to be the sole-taker of revenge on Dr. Faker. In the past, he was responsible for the disqualification of Reginald Kastle by letting him see his "Gravekeepers" deck. In the present, Quattro runs a "Gimmick Puppet" deck. He had 3 "Numbers" monsters in his possession, with his ace formerly being "Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo". He was later defeated by Shark in the WDC finals when he used Shark Drake Vice to destroy Gimmick Puppet of Leo and win the duel. Quattro was the object of Reginald's revenge because he hospitalized Rio, Reginald's sister, though this was later revealed to be an accident by the trap card. He then entrusts Shark to save his father before disappearing. He later appeared in season 2 of ZEXAL II where he aids Shark to fight Chironex in order to save his sister from being poisoned. After finding out Shark is the Barian Nash, he duels him again in order to bring back Shark and ranks up his "Gimmick Puppet" number monsters to take on Nash's ace, "Number 101: Silent Honor Ark" which later took on its chaos form, "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK, but was later defeated and got sacrificed to the Barian world. He was later revived after Nash's defeat and watched Yuma and Astral's duel. He then still continues his career as a professional duelist in the end of the series.
Trey Born Michael Arclight, Trey is the youngest child of Vetrix, and the peacekeeper of his family, whom he cares for deeply. Incredibly caring, gentle, and self-sacrificial, he is willing to go against his own personality in an attempt to repair his long-broken apart family. Later on, he develops an interest in Yuma Tsukumo after his tag duel with him and Kite. He uses a "Chronomaly" Deck that his father gave him, which are based on various out-of-place artifacts, which he has great interest in, notably for the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca.
Quinton Born Christopher Arclight, he is the oldest son of Vetrix. Quinton is portrayed as a calm and collected character who is very loyal to his father, and lashes out at anyone who disrespects him. He uses a "Space" Deck and his ace monster is "Number 9: Dyson Sphere". Approximately five years before the start of the series, Quinton was Kite's dueling mentor and teacher.
Don Thousand He is characteristically malevolent and vengeful, dedicated to spreading Chaos, destroying Astral World and ensuring the universe is his new dominion no matter the cost. He is shown to be a very direct individual, always going straight to the point and does not usually stray from the subject at hand. He is also highly perceptive during his brief conversation with Vector, aware of his loathing towards Astral (though he was unaware of Yuma) and his culpability in Marin and Nash's disappearance. He has a commanding presence, and is not above threatening Vector, though he does not show any degree of sadism in doing so, and it appears to be more out of concern for his own agenda. He can be cryptic at times and is not above withholding information when questioned until a later time. Upon his return to his chrysalis energy form, Thousand's disposition becomes haughty and confident, casually passing his first turn in his Duel against Mizar. This is due to his confidence in his absolute power due to obtaining supremacy through stealing the power of the Numeron Code by fusing the Human World and Barian World.
Vector An Emperor from Barian World, he manipulated Dr. Faker and Vetrix to achieve the Barians' agenda of destroying Astral World. After his first defeat, he orchestrated a new scheme by taking on a human form on Earth and calling himself Ray Shadows, becoming friends with Yuma Tsukumo as a gambit to orchestrate the latter's fall. When that failed, Vector released the Barian Deity, Don Thousand and became his current host. He is also known for being extremely cruel towards his dueling opponents and fellow Barians and is incredibly insane, which leads him to random fits of deranged laughter. Vector uses an "Umbral Horror" Deck. He was in possession of one "Number" monster, "Number 66: Master Key Beetle" which he used to lure Yuma and his friends into a trap. His ace is the Over-Hundred Number, "Number 104: Masquerade". Using "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", he can upgrade his monster into "Chaos Number 104: Umbral Horror Masquerade".
Dumon He leads his fellow Emperors, Girag, Alito and Mizar and to a lesser extent, Vector against Yuma and his friends. A conversation between himself, Girag, Alito and Mizar reveals they saved Vetrix, granted him some of the abilities of Barian World and returned him to his own world and requested he collect the "Numbers" and destroy Astral World as compensation for their altruism. With the defeat of both Vetrix and Dr. Faker, Dumon is determined that they would have to do it themselves. To that end, he sent his comrades to Earth to search for the "Numbers". He would also come to use his former comrade's name, Nash, as his alias when in human form on Earth. He uses a "Star Seraph" deck, his ace monster being "Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry". Using "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One", he can upgrade his monster into "Chaos Number 102: Archfiend Seraph".
Girag He is one of the Barians who works under Dumon, he was sent to Heartland disguised as a student from Yuma's school, to acquire the "Number" cards. He uses "Rank-Up Magic Barian's Force" to brainwash people to serve Barian World. He has supernatural endurance, taking a punch from Fender in the face with no ill effects. Girag uses a "Hand" deck, with his ace monster being "Number 106: Giant Hand". Using "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" or "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One", he can upgrade his monster into "Chaos Number 106: Giant Red Hand". He later showed some changes in attitude after being revived by Vector, who used Don Thousand's power to brainwash him.
He is one of the Barians who works under Dumon, sent to Yuma's school to assist Girag. Contrary to his mission, Alito falls for Kotori and ends up forming an unlikely friendship and rival with Yuma Tsukumo. Alito uses a "Battlin' Boxer" deck, with his ace monster being "Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus". Using "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" or "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One", he can upgrade his monster into "Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus". Like Girag, he has some changes in attitude after being revived by Vector, who used Don Thousand's power to brainwash him.
He is one of the Barians who works under Dumon and is feared amongst his kind. His ace monster is "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". Using "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" or "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One", he can upgrade his monster into "Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon". It has the power to reverse time, negating the effects of any card that was activated on the field. He sees Kite as his rival, vowing to see who is the superior "Galaxy-Eyes" user. However, after their final duel on the moon, Kite admitted that Mizar was the true Galaxy-Eyes user.

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